Highlighted Projects

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Jurassic World Building Graphics

Ink Monstr was retained for this project in early February and completed all printing and installation of more than 13,000sf of vinyl graphics before opening weekend in early March. The exhibition was in place for nine months and saw hundreds of thousands of visitors. As always, with projects of this scope and size we begin with a precise site survey wherein we take measurements of area being considered for vinyl graphics. Once the survey is completed that's when the fun starts! Our team begins creating digital templates of each section of the building for artwork paneling purposes. We worked hand-in-hand with Universal Studios designers, and experiential marketing firms to bring all graphics together on budget and on deadline.

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Lighthouse Immersive Sunflower Tent Wrap

Lighthouse Immersive, the creator of the popular Immersive Van Gogh and other exhibits asked us on simple question: "Is it possible?"...
This wrap was one of the most challenging wraps to complete from start to completion. Preparing the artwork and paneling it was a challenge in and of itself - this wrap consists of over 150 individual panels of vinyl. One thing commonly overlooked when planning for a wrap like this is the amount of math that goes into paneling and preparing how each printed panel needs to come together for the final outcome. Every panel of this wrap had to be installed by aerial lift!

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P51 Mustang Plane Wrap: Bardahl Special

How can we not get excited about wrapping an airplane!? Not sure any airplane though - a vintage P51 Mustang that actually raced (and won) throughout the 60's! We had a chance to help restore a piece of aviation history with this project! We were contacted to wrap our customer's P51 Mustang to return it to the paint scheme from the 1960's when it was raced by Chuck Lyford. This plane was raced in the 2022 Reno Air Races under the Bardahl Special wrap, paying homage to the late Mr. Lyford!

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Storefront Window Graphics: Akihabara Arcade

Akihabara is a huge (and well known) shopping district in Japan infamous for its electronics retailers and stores. The challenge? Bring Akihabara to life in Westminster Colorado.

This project put our team's illustrative skills to work! We invested over 40 hours of illustrative time to create these window graphics entirely in vector based artwork. Every line in the art was illustrated by our amazing team! These window graphics not only make an unbeatable first impression they create a unique and memorable experience for everyone who visists!

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City of Broomfield 2,600 Square Foot Interior Mural

When the City of Broomfield began looking for a reliable partner to bring a bold and immersive graphics vision to life at the George DiCiero building, we knew we'd be just the right partner to make it happen!

Ink Monstr collaborated with artist Stacey Reynolds and the team at the City of Broomfield to transform the rotunda and entry of City Hall, the George DiCiero building.

This project was not without its challenges as it required a unique lift that could both reach an apex height of 40' however not damage the tile floor. This resulted in the only lift of its kind in the state being on-site for a week to complete the install!

We surveyed for precise measurements, created a scaled digital template, paneled and installed this piece in around 4 weeks. This mural utilized 3M vinyl and laminate for the best looking and longest lasting wrap.