Vinyl Wraps


Vinyl Wraps are the perfect option for customizing your favorite spaces, as well as extending the life of your surfaces. Whether you’re wrapping a car, truck, gondolas, walls or a helicopter, Ink Monstr™ has tackled all of these projects before to complete customer satisfaction. Our reputation is built on our success for our customers, and we’re always looking for the next wild idea to bring to life.

Exterior Wraps

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Transform any blank space into an iconic piece, custom branding or paid advertiser space with custom printed 3M vinyl. We carefully select the best materials for your project to ensure the best looking and longest lasting finished product. The possibilities are endless for your project, take your space from ordinary to extraordinary with vibrant colors and vivid designs that are certain to make a lasting impression. Personalize your walls with your own original creations, or work with our incredible designers to create an unforgettable experience, and attract attention, visibility, and awareness to your space. Ink Monstr™ also offers eco-friendly PVC Free materials for your exterior wrap projects!


Interior Wraps

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Creating stunning interior designs with wall, window, ceiling or even floor wraps! Easily transform any surface with original artwork, custom company branding or vibrant shades using Ink Monstr™ for your vinyl wraps. Our vinyl wraps are often a fraction of the cost of painting, require less prep/down time, require no dry time and allow for limitless creative customization in your design! We use the highest quality materials to ensure the best looking and longest lasting wraps that you’ll love for years to come. Redefine your space with custom wall wraps today!

Vehicle Wraps

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Convert more customers with 30,000-70,000+ impressions on your business every single day with a custom designed and printed vehicle wrap! Whether you have one vehicle or an entire fleet, Ink Monstr™ has world class designers who can assist in bringing your custom vehicle wrap to life! A business vehicle wrap is the biggest no-brainer when it comes to your return on investment and branding potential. On average vehicle wraps get more than 50,000 impressions in a day! Don’t waste those valuable impressions, take your fleet to the next level with custom vehicle graphics and wraps.


Spot Graphics

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Spot graphics, decals, partial wraps, cut decals etc. There’s a thousand different things they’re called but if you’re just looking for some partial wraps or decals opposed to a full wrap; don’t worry, we still have you covered. Introduce custom branding and design with spot decals for your vehicles, walls, building and more! Don’t have a design? Don’t sweat it. Our world-class design team is at the ready to help turn your idea into reality.

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