Terms & Conditions

 TERMS AND CONDITIONS: This document defines the terms and conditions of the working relationship between Ink Monstr™ and the Client. By requesting Ink Monstr™ to perform services and produce products for the Client, Client agrees to this document without modification. Clients are responsible for reviewing the terms and conditions before approving projects. Client proof approval will constitute an agreement with Ink Monstr™.

ESTIMATES/QUOTES: Prices are subject to change without notice. Estimates/quotes are valid for 30 days unless otherwise stated. Changes requested by Client will be billed additionally. Ink Monstr™ will notify clients of any price changes as soon as possible.

DELIVERY/SHIPPING: Quoted prices do not include shipping or handling fees unless otherwise stated on our estimates. Shipping can be arranged, upon request, calculated on the size and weight shipped. Ink Monstr™ is not responsible for damages incurred during shipping. 

ACCURACY OF SPECIFICATIONS: Estimates are based on the accuracy of specifications provided to us by the Client. If we discover after a site survey, accepting a digital file, or other discovery methods that there are corrections or modifications needed, we will notify the Client immediately, at which time a decision will be made whether there will be additional costs and how Client wishes to proceed. Ink Monstr™ makes every effort to quote a job accurately, but in the event of unforeseen circumstances or costs, we will notify Client if delays will result.

PAYMENT: Payment is due when invoices are received. Ink Monstr™ can not print a project or confirm installation dates until payment is made. Payment terms may be requested but are not guaranteed and are up to the discretion of Ink Monstr™. Payment is confirmation and agreement to the defined scope of work and any applicable and relevant dates. If applicable, installation dates are not confirmed if payment is not made, therefore your agreed upon date is subject to change until payment is received and the installation date is subsequently confirmed.

Clients shall identify to Ink Monstr™ in writing any dispute concerning an invoice within ten days of the date of the invoice. If disputes are not identified in writing, the Client has accepted the invoice. After investigation, errors on our behalf will either be corrected or credited to the Client’s account.

Expenses incidental to collection including; court costs, fees, expenses and reasonable attorney(s) fees will also be charged to any account placed with our collection service. 

RETURNS: All of the products offered by Ink Monstr™ are custom made and are not refundable. If the client has a concern with the job, the Client must contact Ink Monstr™ in writing before proceeding with any charge backs or credit returns. Ink Monstr™ will be given the opportunity to correct and resolve any disputes within 30 days by fixing the disputed project. Since all jobs are custom products, Ink Monstr™ must be given the opportunity to reprint or reinstall any job, before the client issues any credit card chargebacks or returns. 

As this is custom work, produced and/or installed to the customer specifications, once the job is printed, delivered and/or installed all contracts are final and no monetary refunds can be issued.  In the event that a dispute arises, Ink Monstr™, at its sole discretion, may opt to attempt to repair, produce, and/or install the dispute at Ink Monstr™’s sole expense. Ink Monstr™ at its sole discretion may also opt to issue a company credit in a fair amount relative to the work in question.

JOB CANCELLATION & ERRORS: If the Client cancels the order before its completion, the Client shall be responsible for the cost of any proofs, artwork, materials re-stocking and work performed until cancellation notice is received in writing. In addition, Ink Monstr™ reserves the right to charge a 20% cancellation charge in addition to the actual charges to cover unbilled internal costs including scheduling, client communications and resources utilized. Ink Monstr™ will not be held responsible for errors in work after final client Approval. 

ARTWORK: When supplying artwork, make sure it's high-resolution- at least 300 DPI (dots per inch) or a vector and sent in a file format like (.jpeg .tiff .pdf .eps .ai) Never send logos or images taken from your Website or a Business card as they frequently offer too poor of resolution and quality for printing purposes. Remaking logos and acquiring high resolution images may result in additional costs for proofing and or design. For more information please review our artwork guidelines provided here - https://inkmonstr.com/artwork-guidelines/

Ink Monstr™ is not responsible for errors in spelling, color, or design in regards to any and all artwork submitted by the client. It is assumed that all artwork submitted has been approved by you prior to submission and is production ready. Additionally, Ink Monstr™ is not responsible or liable for any errors or omissions in your final product after Client has approved their Proof.

COLOR MATCH: There will be a difference between what you see on your computer monitor and what is produced. The differences are caused by a variety of reasons, including but limited to, display settings when viewing your proof, material type, equipment, etc. Ink Monstr™ will perform our production work as determined by generally accepted trade technical methods. We do not guarantee an exact color match to the artwork submitted. If art is submitted in any color mode other than CMYK, it will be converted to CMYK for printing purposes. Ink Monstr™ is not responsible for any color shifts if the artwork is not submitted properly. Please review our Artwork Requirements for suggestions on how to get the best color for work submission. Credit or refund will not be given for non-matching colors or shifts. Inkjet and laser prints will look different from offset printing and different from wide-format printing. We will produce pleasing colors using standard ink densities. The finished product quality will be the best we can produce according to our equipment abilities.

PANTONE COLOR MATCH: Ink Monstr™ will attempt to match any specific PANTONE color requests. Not all Pantone or PMS colors can exactly be duplicated by digital printing due to contingencies (file type, color profile, material differences, etc). Should a client require a matched PANTONE color a printed color sample must be requested prior to printing, please notify Ink Monstr™ and we will arrange for a sample to be provided for an additional fee. If a color sample is not requested Ink Monstr™ cannot guarantee PANTONE color matches. 

ORIGINAL DESIGN WORK: All design services provided by Ink Monstr™ shall be for the exclusive use of the Client. Upon full payment of all fees and expenses, reproduction rights for all approved final designs created by Ink Monstr™ for this project shall be granted to the Client. All original artwork files created by Ink Monstr™ or parts contained therein, whether preliminary concepts or final visual presentation remains the property of Ink Monstr™ and may not be used by the Client without the written permission of Ink Monstr™. Ink Monstr™ retains the right to use the completed project and any preliminary designs for the purpose of design competitions, future publications on design, educational purposes, marketing materials, online posting on Ink Monstr™ websites, social media properties and portfolios. Ink Monstr™ will be considerate of product release or marketing campaign timelines in regards to any social media post(s) in regards to Client project if notified prior to project start date. Where applicable, the Client will be given any necessary credit for usage of the project elements. 

PROOFS: Before printing, the Client must approve a digital proof. Client is responsible for any spelling, grammatical errors, number errors, etc. Please note the proof is a color rendition generated by computer and all monitors are calibrated differently, monitor colors may slightly vary from actual print on vinyl material. If a client has color concerns a printed sample may be requested for an additional fee. Ink Monstr™ will not print until Client has approved their Proof and payment has been received (unless other payment terms are in effect). Any changes after final approval of artwork will result in assessing additional charges for any time or materials used to make changes after our production process begins. 

Proof approvals from clients must be submitted through an online approval form supplied by Ink Monstr™. At its sole discretion, Ink Monstr™ may permit a Proof Approval outside of the online approval form, however Ink Monstr™ will not be responsible for any mistakes. In the event that Ink Monstr™ permits the Client to approve their Proof outside of the defined Proof Approval Form, Client understands this is in lieu of the Proof Approval Form however the terms of the Proof Approval are in full force. Ink Monstr™ will not accept responsibility for the inaccuracies in orders approved outside of the digital approval process.

TRADEMARKS & COPYRIGHTS: Reproduction in any form, of copyrighted materials without prior permission of the originator is illegal. It is the responsibility of the Client to obtain said permission. Ink Monstr™ is in no way responsible for obtaining permission and assumes that the Client has obtained permission before the work is submitted.

PROJECT START TIME, SUBSTRATES AND INSTALLATION: Most projects are 5-7 business days in production. This does not include installation time. Installation times are based on scheduling availability and can add time to the overall project schedule.  The start time of any project does not begin until ALL support files and items related to completion of the job are received by Ink Monstr™, the Client approves the artwork and the invoice has been paid or payment terms have been agreed to. 

Ink Monstr™ can produce and install projects with a shortened turnaround time. These are considered RUSH Jobs and may incur additional fees. All RUSH jobs are taken based on the current production schedule. Ink Monstr™ reserves the right to VOID any warranty on Rush Jobs based on the turnaround time requested. Ink Monstr™ will not be liable for any material or printing issues related to Rush Jobs. 

Ink Monstr™ will consult with the Client to determine the substrate and process that will best suit the needs and conditions set forth in the scope of the project. Ultimately, the Client accepts full responsibility for determining if said purchased item will perform to their requirements on the substrate(s) to which they are applied. 

ON-SITE INSTALLATIONS AND DOWNTIME: Ink Monstr™ cannot control weather conditions which may result in delays with installation. Ink Monstr™ reserves the right to determine the point at which weather conditions become too adverse to continue work. 

Installation dates rely on the Ink Monstr™ team having access to the install site. Installation sites must also be install ready (ie. paint dried and cured, install area cleaned, hardware on walls removed).  If the install team is unable to access the installation site or perform the install on the scheduled date Ink Monstr™ will reach out to reschedule the installation. Downtime and rescheduling once the team has arrived onsite will incur additional charges. 

EQUIPMENT RENTALS: Ink Monstr™ will do everything possible to reschedule projects ahead of time if weather is believed to be an issue. However, as Ink Monstr™ cannot control weather and install site conditions, should a job be delayed due to weather or site conditions after equipment is delivered the Client is responsible for any additional equipment rental charges. 

RESCHEDULING: Client acknowledges that rescheduling due to the Client not preparing or being present for installation or site surveys are very costly to Ink Monstr™. As such Client agrees to and understands that, in the event Ink Monstr™ must reschedule a prior arranged appointment due to Client’s error or fault, they will incur a rescheduling fee proportionate to the costs associated with the scope of work. Ink Monstr™ may at its sole discretion waive this fee. Ink Monstr™ will not reschedule or confirm future work or appointments until the cancellation fee has been received in full.

LIABILITY: Ink Monstr™’s artistry and quality follow the general industry standards. Ink Monstr™ warrants that our products meet the industry standard. We will not be held liable for the surfaces to which our products are applied. Unless in writing Ink Monstr™ makes no other warranties, and no actions or words of our officers, employees, or agents shall constitute a warranty.

DIGITAL PROPERTY: We agree to store electronic artwork files for a period of 6 months beyond the delivery of a job. Thereafter, we reserve the right to discard them. This storage period may be modified or otherwise removed with or without notice at any point. While we have the property you entrust to us; we will take all reasonable precautions to safeguard it, however, we are not responsible for loss, destruction, damage, or unauthorized use by others of such property. Ink Monstr™ highly recommends and encourages Clients to maintain their own digital file storage.

REMOVALS: Ink Monstr™ employees performing removals are trained to remove vinyl as per the vinyl manufacturer standards with great care and accuracy. By committing to have Ink Monstr™ perform a graphic removal, there is a chance that damage to the substrate and/or property can occur during the removal process. Ink Monstr™ cannot know the integrity of the underlying material, substrate, surface or existing paint jobs. Client agrees Ink Monstr™ will not be held liable if damage is done upon removal.  Wrap removal can be very time-consuming and will be quoted separately. 

WAIVER OF LIABILITY AND ASSUMPTION OF RISK: You have requested that Ink Monstr™ install a wrap on your property. Ink Monstr™ makes no certifications, representations or warranties with regard to the suitability of such a wrap on your specific property,nor with regard to the impact such a wrap may have on the property’s operation or safety, and any such certifications, representations or warranties, whether express or implied, are expressly disclaimed. It is your sole responsibility to ensure that your property is safe for your intended use after Ink Monstr™’s installation of the wrap. You acknowledge that installation of the wrap necessarily involves certain risks of damage, loss,or modification of performance of your property. You understand that use of your vehicle after installation of the wrap involves certain risks, including, without limitation, real or personal property damage, personal injury, permanent disability, fatality, and severe social or economic losses that may result from any such incident or injury. Further, you understand that there may be other risks not known or reasonably foreseeable at this time. Youhereby expressly agree to assume all of the foregoing risks and accept personal responsibility for such damages, losses, injuries, and risks.

RELEASE OF LIABILITY: By approving the proof, client agrees to all of the terms contained herein. You hereby fully release, discharge and waive any claims or losses of every nature you may have, now or in the future, against Ink Monstr™ and any affiliated entities, and their members, managers, successors, assigns, representatives, agents and employees (each a “Released Party” and collectively, the “Released Parties”), with respect to or resulting from (i) Ink Monstr™’s work to install the wrap, (ii) your property, and (iii) your future use of the property, by you or any other individual, person or entity, even if such claims or losses result from the negligence of a Released Party or anyone else, but not if such claims or losses result from the gross negligence or willful act or omission of a Released Party. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless each Released Party from any and all loss or liability, including reasonable attorney’s fees and costs, in defending any claim arising from Ink Monstr™’s work to install the wrap, your property and your future use thereof (by you or any other individual, person or entity). You understand that provisions contained herein shall act as the broadest and most inclusive assumption of risk, waiver, release of liability, agreement not to sue, and indemnity as permitted by the laws of the State of Colorado. If any portion of the terms contained herein is found to be void or unenforceable, the remaining portions shall remain in full force and effect.