Why use a mural for marketing?


March 18, 2020

Wall murals have been used in advertising and marketing for decades. Around most cities you can still see historical buildings with the remnants of old construction or Coca-Cola billboards. It may seem like an archaic type of advertising that should be going the way of MySpace, but they’re so effective! Rather than replace them with a new media, companies have invested in upping the technology so murals can last longer and install more efficiently. Today murals can be installed in hours, rather than days of hand painting a design and high quality vinyl’s allow them to withstand elements for years.

Throwback to a hand painted Coke mural that has mostly withstood the test of time. Photo cred: Mark Keefer

Not sure they’re the right type of marketing for you and your brand? Consider this: audiences are becoming immune to most advertising, especially the “in your face” advertising that has taken over social media and most digital marketing plans. Have you attempted to watch a video on Facebook that has been deemed the MOST hilarious cat video ever, but when you’re halfway through a notification pops up that the video will continue after a fifteen-second ad? Do you find yourself annoyed with the company that purchased the ad for disturbing your leisure time? Or a pop up that interrupts the article you were reading have you cringing?  Your consumers feel the same way. Audiences want to feel as though they have discovered something rather than forced a brand into their lives. Market your brand as a lifestyle instead of an annoyance.

Let them discover your brand where it counts.

If you obtain permission, any flat wall can become a billboard. Rather than installing an ad near an off ramp on a predesignated space where someone has a five-second window to notice it, read it and make their exit- install where it counts. Vinyl can be adhered to most surfaces, including brick. Add your art to the surface nearest point-of-purchase of your product and provide a striking reminder that your brand is the right choice- no specials needed.

Positioned next to the bar where consumers make their final choice before purchase, this regal stag reminds customers that Jaegermeister is a night out staple.

Here at Ink Monstr we use the highest quality 3M vinyl in our installs. These vinyls come with many types of laminates to ensure they not only withstand the elements, but also what people throw at them. Our favorite laminate is the “Graffiti” laminate because it works to protect against just that- someone defacing your brand. Nearly everything that comes in contact with this laminate (Sharpie Markers are the exception) can be wiped off with basic cleaners or rubbing alcohol so your design can look sharp for months.

Catching passerbys’ eyes, our mermaid with attitude brings attention to Wahoo’s and is a subtle reminder of the hunger lingering in their bellies.

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