Why Polyester?


March 18, 2020

Hey folks, let’s get nerdy. We at Ink Monstr Graphic Design and Print have some really specific reasons why we’ve chosen to work with polyester materials for our clothing over everything else- other than being able to create vivid designs without up-charging for every color. Let’s delve into the reasons and the science behind them.

Environmentally friendly: 

There isn’t water waste. Sublimation is a scientific process in which the dyes are digitally printed as a solid onto transfer paper, and then has heat applied to it. This heating process turns the dye into a gas and when it hits the material it is intended to be printed on,  absorbs and immediately turns back into a solid within the garment. It never turns into a liquid state and also does not require water or a washing process to create the apparel. Additionally, the transfer paper which the dyes are printed to can be recycled.

Moisture-wicking & Flame retardent: 

Due to being made by plastic, polyester is not as porous as cotton, which means it is not going to absorb as much moisture. Cotton can absorb up to 7% of its weight in water while polyester is only .4%. This is ideal for lifestyle shirts as it allows for high activity without the uncomfortableness if sitting/running/hiking in your own sweat, rain or other outdoor elements.

Tight-knit polyester is considered ignition resistant. Plastics (which polyester is made from for any of our readers who didn’t retain the first section’s material) have a higher combustion point than natural fibers and require more heat and exposure before they will catch fire. Polyester is not going to save you from large fires as it is not a fire resistant product, however, it is less likely to catch than a cotton shirt the next time you’re sitting too close to the campfire.

It’s All About that Feeling: 

Dye sublimation is always compared to screen printing- they are both great ways to get customized gear for your next event or fashion line. However, we chose dye sublimation for aesthetic and comfort purposes:

  • Polyester can be treated for a softer weight and can also be blended with natural fibers to create different weights and feels or textures to meet what you like to feel during activities. Polyester fibers are also more resilient than natural, allowing them to stretch and maintain their shape better.
  • Dye sublimation prints into the material, rather than onto the material. When your graphics are printed this way, you don’t feel the graphics on your shirt- it’s just more shirt!
  • In addition to not feeling the graphics on a shirt, there also isn’t the worry of graphics peeling or cracking after hitting the wash a few times.

Ready to give polyester a try? Check out our apparel store, get inspired and even create your own gear here. Haven’t learned enough? Find out how we keep our polyester made in the U.S.A and about our processes.