With the highest quality print and materials, your mobile billboard will go with you everywhere and represent your company no matter where you’re doing business. With thousands of eyes on your vehicle everyday in traffic or just parked out in front of your home, you are bound to be building business. Think of a vehicle wrap as a large sticker being put on your car. With our high end materials it can stand the wear and tear of Colorado weather especially when we apply a protective laminate to make sure things last as long as possible. It’s pretty clear that when wanting to market your company, a vehicle wrap is a great way to go!




Creating Your Art

We’ll start with a site survey with one of our installation specialists to get all the measurements and details about your car recorded. From their you’ll work with one of our designers to either create a custom design for your wrap or to mock up your design for the vehicle. Once a proof is created we’ll send it your way for approval. It may take a couple rounds until everything is just right but once you fall in love with your design it’s time to bring it to life!



We will typically need your vehicle for two days, depending on the complexity of wrap. We are available to work with your schedule and can work with special circumstances, just let us know what you need. When bringing your car to us you’ll want to make sure you have it cleaned 24 hours before the install. This allows the water to dry in all the cracks ensuring that the vinyl will stick to all parts of your car. It will also remove any dirt that could show through the vinyl. Your vehicle must have a proper paint finish and be clean of rust or corrosion. If the finish is not in good condition, all vinyl Ink Monstr installs will not be warranted.


Washing Your Car

We advise to never use a car/truck wash with any brushes on your vehicle wrap as they can loosen the edges of your wrap. We suggest not using a pressure washer on your car but if you decide to use one be sure to wash from front to back. Keep the wand at an angle and never go closer than 20″ with the wand. Make sure that you use 2,000 PSI pressure as well as keeping the temperature 180 degrees or less. If you had window perf installed do not pressure wash your windows, they will be destroyed. The best way to wash your car is by hand and to wax your vehicle wrap with liquid wax at least once a year.



When you park your vehicle for long periods of time or in repetitive positions, rotate your vehicle. It is important to keep your vehicle from becoming overexposed from the sun on any side more than the other. The sun can fade the vehicle graphics so you want to make sure they stay looking even by rotating your vehicle.


Get in touch with us! We don’t have a pricing menu because each project can be vastly different and we don’t want to mislead you on what your idea may cost. We focus on making your vision come true and doing it with the best materials. *Please note we do charge a small deposit to schedule a vehicle survey. This deposit is credited back towards the final invoice of the project.

Our process for vehicle wraps involve multiple steps to for accuracy of layout and application of graphics.  We use a combination of templates and taken measurements to determine how best to place graphics to achieve the desired appearance without losing important information to seams, accessories or other obstructions on the vehicles service. The following is a list of items we will need for vehicle installations:
  • Straight on photos of the vehicle from all sides and top down photos of any horizontal surface.
  • Measurements of the vehicle/areas where graphics are to be applied to
  • Dimensions of graphics (if not a full wrap)
  • *Vehicle Template if a full wrap.
  • Placement measurements of graphics (i.e. 3” from left edge of panel and 8” from bottom)
  • Location measurements of obstructions (door handles, decals, body molding, etc.)
*Please note we charge a $100.00 fee for procuring vehicle templates which will be credited back to the final invoice of the vehicle wrap.  Additionally, from our experience vehicle templates are not always 100% accurate. We recommend scheduling a time to have the vehicle brought to our facility and be surveyedThere is a $50.00 deposit to schedule the survey, which includes the first half hour of the survey.  Each additional half hour will be charged at $50.00 but the initial deposit will be credited towards the final invoice of the project.  If you decide to provide the measurements yourself or would like to rely on the vehicle template alone we will not be responsible for reprints that may be needed due to inaccuracy of measurements.

We can definitely help with your project but will need to know some more information before we can generate an estimate.  If you could, please send over the following information:
  • Graphic files for print or production into transfer decals (vector)
  • Dimensions of graphic
  • Dimensions of area/panel you are looking to apply graphics to.
  • Photos of the vehicle

No, vehicle wraps can be used to change the color of your vehicle without removing the old one! Vinyl can protect the original color from sun damage.

Depending on the size of the vehicle and complexity of the wrap, we usually have your vehicle back to you 2-7 business days after design approval.

Typically a vehicle wrap can last three to five years. As with anything it varies by how well you take care of it. Sun, harsh carwashes with stiff brushes, strong pressure washes are all things that can damage your vehicle wrap. We recommend hand washing your vehicle to ensure none of the above can cause damage or peeling. While you’re hand washing it also provides the opportunity to find any damage that may have occurred so we may correct it. Lastly, you should wax your vehicle at least once a year to maintain the high shine as well as protect from vinyl cracking in our dry Colorado environment.

It is up to your insurance company, but many do offer a special policy for vehicle wraps. Contact your insurance company for more information.

Yes, while it is necessary to have perforated vinyl on windows to ensure visibility, holes in the vinyl do weaken the structural integrity of the vinyl. Snow scrapers and pressure washers should NEVER be used on perforated vinyl.


Watch as we take ideas and transform them into remarkable art with purpose. We see the process through from initial concepts, to production and installation. Our incredible team of designers works one-on-one with clients to bring their ideas to life. Next, the graphics move into production before being given to our team of certified installers. Most installations are completed within one day, resulting in an unforgettable wrap with no clean up.

Get a price estimate on your custom signs, banners, vehicle wraps, wall wraps, window wraps, stickers, labels, dye sublimation or any other large format printing needs. Our quotes are always free, and we strive to respond within 24 hours. In order to provide you the most accurate quote, please provide as many details as possible. You paint the picture, we’ll do the rest.

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