With the highest quality print and materials, your mobile billboard will go with you everywhere and represent your company no matter where you’re doing business. With thousands of eyes on your vehicle everyday in traffic or just parked out in front of your home, you are bound to be building business. Think of a vehicle wrap as a large sticker being put on your car. With our high end materials it can stand the wear and tear of Colorado weather especially when we apply a protective laminate to make sure things last as long as possible. It’s pretty clear that when wanting to market your company, a vehicle wrap is a great way to go!



Creating Your Art

car-mock-upWe’ll start with a site survey with one of our installation specialists to get all the measurements and details about your car recorded. From their you’ll work with one of our designers to either create a custom design for your wrap or to mock up your design for the vehicle. Once a proof is created we’ll send it your way for approval. It may take a couple rounds until everything is just right but once you fall in love with your design it’s time to bring it to life! 


budlight_installWe will typically need your vehicle for two days, depending on the complexity of wrap. We are available to work with your schedule and can work with special circumstances, just let us know what you need. When bringing your car to us you’ll want to make sure you have it cleaned 24 hours before the install. This allows the water to dry in all the cracks ensuring that the vinyl will stick to all parts of your car. It will also remove any dirt that could show through the vinyl. Your vehicle must have a proper paint finish and be clean of rust or corrosion. If the finish is not in good condition, all vinyl Ink Monstr installs will not be warranted. 


Washing Your Car

powerwashWe advise to never use a car/truck wash with any brushes on your vehicle wrap as they can loosen the edges of your wrap. We suggest not using a pressure washer on your car but if you decide to use one be sure to wash from front to back. Keep the wand at an angle and never go closer than 20″ with the wand. Make sure that you use 2,000 PSI pressure as well as keeping the temperature 180 degrees or less. If you had window perf installed do not pressure wash your windows, they will be destroyed. The best way to wash your car is by hand and to wax your vehicle wrap with liquid wax at least once a year. 


mancinelli_vehicleWhen you park your vehicle for long periods of time or in repetitive positions, rotate your vehicle. It is important to keep your vehicle from becoming overexposed from the sun on any side more than the other. The sun can fade the vehicle graphics so you want to make sure they stay looking even by rotating your vehicle. 

Vehicle Wrap FAQ


Watch as we take ideas and transform them into custom wraps for your favorite mode of transportation.  We see the process through from initial design, to production and installation. Our talented team of designers works hand-in-hand with clients to bring their ideas to life. From there the graphics move into production before being given to our team of certified installers. Most installations are completed within a couple days, resulting in an unforgettable wrap with no clean up. 

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