Turn your walls into work spaces!


March 18, 2020

How often do you find your self looking for a pad of paper to try and draw what you need to explain to someone? What if you could run to the nearest flat surface instead? Let’s turn those flat surfaces into dry erase!

Make your walls do the work for you by letting us apply a dry erase laminate! Whether it’s an organization board, concept drawing wall or a fantastic To-Do list, it’s a simple way to add workspace. Any flat space can become your production zone. Installed in a couple hours, your walls can be used the same day as installation – no need to wait for paint to dry or installing hardware. Let our professionals install while you continue building your empire.

The best part? Every dry erase wall can be personalized to your brand’s logo, motto, graphics, menu board and more. Below is a small sampling of our best application recommendations – send us your ideas! We love to see our client’s creativity and challenging us to find new applications to our products.

Recommended graphics are light in color so writing is not lost within the imagery. Truly, this is no longer required to be a “white” board! Grey-scale graphics and desaturated imagery can carry your branding across every surface in your workspace!

Have an idea in mind? Contact us here to get started!