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Trade shows are a time for innovation and connecting. So use every inch of your space from the floor up to display your brand’s identity and make the biggest impact possible in the few days you have on a convention floor. Walls are the silent salesmen of your brand; eye-catching and easily seen from a distance, let graphics deliver your brand. 

Trade-show booth sampling
Just a small portion of customizable offerings we have for your retail space or trade-show booth.

Pop-up and stand alone frames can be custom designed to your booth or retail space. Browse our Ink Monstr Trade Show catalog and contact us when you’ve found your desired pieces so we can tailor to your brand’s needs. 

Large lifestyle shots surrounding your products or having exterior walls that make your brand an exclusive experience are two key tactics to separate your brand from the hundreds of others in the room with you. Invest in the shell of your display area and update it yearly or seasonally to stay on the cutting edge. Check out below for a few of our favorite uses of graphics at trade shows. 

  • Neff Trade Shows Booth
    Updated for 2017, Neff went clean and sleek. Using the same shell as before let them have bones to work with, provide an exact idea of what they had to work with, and saved them from starting from scratch.
  • Neff Trade Shows Booth
    Subtle accents behind products keep it interesting, yet not distracting.
  • Neff Trade Shows booth
    Neff’s 2016 “Forever Fun” Campaign needed an enticing design to draw convention attendees in.
  • Trade Shows Neff
    Let your walls be the silent salesman of your brand.
  • Neff Trade Shows Booth
    An inviting atmosphere keeps attendees around longer without the pressure of feeling sold to.
  • Neff Trade Shows Booth
    SIA goers were intrigued by what’s behind the walls and had to head in for more.
  • Neff Trade Shows Booth
    You aren’t on the mountain, but your displays can be.
Neff Trade Show Testimonial
NiDecker Trade Show Testimonial
  • NiDecker Trade Shows Booth
    Product walls can be subtle and information filled at the same time. Let your products do the most talking; then provide an accent wall to show where your product can take your clients.
  • NiDecker Trade Shows Booth
    Creating levels allows for more products without the clutter. NiDecker has some colorful products that are allowed to pop on the black and white backgrounds of their shelves and backdrops.
  • Trade Shows Jones
    An accent piece, like the wood desk seen here, let’s clients know where to do business.
  • Trade Shows Jones
    Elevated signs help your audience find you in a sea of distributors.
  • Trade Shows, Jones
    Creating shapes when designing helps guide the viewer through various elements. Jones topped their visual triangle with a large sign to draw attendees in. Just below are lifestyle and product creation imagery. Meanwhile the base is the display of their boards and the final selling point of their brand.
  • Trade Shows Now
    Create trust in your brand with production photos that demonstrate attention to detail and the concepts that have differentiated you from the competition. Then finish it off with lifestyle shots showing exactly where your products can take them.


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