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Finish in Fine Form with Beautiful Varnish Coatings

By Ink Monstr | Nov 10, 2020

Have you ever judged a book by its cover? You’re not alone! First impressions are essential to how people judge a person, a product, or a business. And when you’re going for visual impact, research suggests visitors will form an impression in as little as 50 milliseconds! Once you’ve invested all the hard work and planning…

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Add Spice to Your Print Ads with Distinct, Arresting Images

By Ink Monstr | Nov 6, 2020

In a world where digital advertising screams for attention, print ads need a little extra spice to compete. Ads that evoke emotion, add humor, or spark curiosity have extra impact. Need inspiration? Here are three imaginative print campaigns to consider. Opel: A Road Safety Campaign Opel, a German automobile manufacturer, wanted to draw attention to…

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How to Restart the Conversation When a Lead Has Gone Cold

By Ink Monstr | Nov 3, 2020

Adding new customers to your sales funnel is essential for growth, and lead generation is vital. For many industries, generating a lead can cost anywhere from $25 to $300. So, after you’ve made an initial contact or pushed for a commitment, what should you do when prospects disengage? Don’t give up! When leads stop responding,…

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Shout Your News with Stylish Printed Announcements

By Ink Monstr | Oct 29, 2020

Have you recently won an award, reached a milestone, or done something pretty incredible? Whether you’re launching a product or expanding to a new market, your business or organization can share the news far and wide with printed announcement cards. In a world of digital noise, the medium is just as important as the message, so…

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