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Print Perfection: Achieve Foolproof Production with this Pre-Printing Checklist

By Ink Monstr | Feb 12, 2021

Have you ever rushed out the door and slipped on an icy sidewalk? Or made a hasty decision in traffic that cost you loads of energy in the long run? Accidents happen when we hurry, and that’s true in both life and work. In project management, sometimes people fail to allow adequate time for extra…

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Disable Defenses by Creating Curiosity with Your Marketing

By Ink Monstr | Feb 5, 2021

You want your prospects to understand how your products can solve their problems, so they’ll be moved to make a purchase. But people don’t go from uninterested observers to committed buyers overnight. Asking for a sale is a relational proposition. And relationships have rules. Understanding the stages of a marketing relationship is important because it…

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Sculpt an Eye-Catching Identity: 5 Bold Business Card Designs

By Ink Monstr | Jan 29, 2021

Looking for an energetic start to a prosperous new year? As you exhale after a tumultuous 2020, now is the time to clean out and set yourself up for a productive, successful new season. And one way to invigorate your image is with new business cards. If you’re going to change a little, why not…

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4 Illustrative Design Options for Your Logo or Custom Labels

By Ink Monstr | Jan 27, 2021

When you are building a business or launching a product, a label or a logo might not seem like a top priority. But these branding pieces are essential because they open the door to your identity. Logos and product labels grab attention, make a strong first impression, separate you from the competitors, and make you more memorable (so…

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Simply Irresistible: Best Practices for Writing Compelling Lead Magnets

By Ink Monstr | Jan 21, 2021

Have you ever made an impulse buy at the grocery store? Or been drawn to an online store that you knew was probably fakey clickbait? Sometimes, when the right offer hits you at just the right moment, it seems impossible to resist! And they don’t call this “magnetic” appeal for nothing. In marketing, Magnets are…

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5 Straightforward (and FUN) Ways to Boost Your Productivity This Year

By Ink Monstr | Jan 19, 2021

Today is a great day to integrate some healthy new habits into your routine. Everyone benefits from good time management, and here are just a few simple ways to free up more time to do things you really love! 1. Create Templates Tired of repeating yourself? Templates (a type of “fill-in-the-blank” document) are great for…

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4 Design Trends to Watch for in 2021

By Ink Monstr | Jan 17, 2021

2020 was a year we had to go with the flow in many ways. In design trends, creativity flowed in liquid patterns, 3D realism, funky geometric shapes, innovative typography, and more. But while these concepts borrowed from sci-fi and futuristic tech, new styles may pivot toward bringing reality back in focus. Here’s a sneak peek…

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Craft First-Class Flyers with 4 Quick Tricks

By Ink Monstr | Jan 11, 2021

For decades, flyers have been a go-to marketing tool for businesses of many stripes. But are flyers still effective in the digital age? Angela Brown, the “House Cleaning Guru,” says the answer is emphatically YES. “I am a huge fan of running flyers. My book, ‘How to Start Your Own House Cleaning Company,’ has a huge…

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Build a Positive Outlook with Non-Traditional Resolutions

By Ink Monstr | Dec 29, 2020

Ready for some resolutions? (Or are you still reeling from roadblocks that wrecked 2020’s good intentions?) Don’t get discouraged! We all hit speed bumps from time to time. And honestly, that’s ok. That’s real life. Even if 2020 derailed your best-laid plans, it’s important to look ahead with hope. You only have one life to…

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