The Shorter Track: You send designs. You send patterns. We do the rest.

  • For us to be able to print your designs, they need to be in a digital vector or TIF format. You can provide us the patterns with your designs already laid out on them, or we can work with you to place your design on your pattern pieces. This involves making sure your pattern types are compatible with our software and that your designs are compatible with our printing process. Your design file types must be: 

    • CMYK Color Format
    • 300DPI at full scale
  • We always suggest making a prototype before going to full production.This is your chance to ensure the project fits your expectations. We test the fit of the garment, the accuracy of the colors and the placement of the graphics. 

  • Your prototype was perfect, so let’s get your gear out to the masses! 

  • All the leg work for your garment is already done and you’re selling through your first batch. When you are ready to reorder, let us know when and how many  so we can restock! 

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