Road Closure Updates: Getting to Ink Monstr™

Navigating to Ink Monstr™ During Road Closures!

Update 04/30/24: The intersection at 13th and Decatur is now closed and will be closed likely through the duration of the project. Our map is now updated to reflect the best routes to access Ink Monstr.

The most recent anticipated completion date of the project is now June 11th due to weather postponements. We're committed to making accessing our building as easy as possible so please do not hesitate to contact us directly if you need help. You can reach us at 303-200-0676.

Update 02/16/24: Apple Maps now reflects Bryant St. as accessible! If navigating by Apple Maps it should properly route you to Ink Monstr. Google Maps is not yet accurate/does not recognize Bryant St.

Update 02/12/24: Due to weather, the 11th and 12th avenue detours to Bryant St. are not open. The developers overseeing this project anticipate these detours/avenues to be open by Friday February, 23rd weather dependent. Current active detour signage will route traffic from south of Ink Monstr to Federal Blvd. Please follow posted detour signage.

Update 02/05/24: Apple Maps & Google Maps have not yet updated their platforms to "see" the newly opened Bryant St. to our East. Bryant St. is fully open, accessible and available to access Holden Pl despite not appearing so on Google and Apple Maps.

General Update:
Decatur St. will be closed between 12th and 13th avenue beginning February 1st. This project is anticipated to be completed on or before June 1st.

Customers coming to Ink Monstr will need to follow alternate routes to get to Ink Monstr without issue during the closure period.

Bryant St. is the cross street with Holden Pl (our street) to our east.

Customers Coming from the west:

  • Navigate East on either 13th avenue or 12th avenue until the intersection with Bryant.
  • Depending on if you take 12th or 13th, you'll make a left or right on Bryant St. to intersect Holden Pl.
  • Come back West down Holden Pl and you'll be able to access the Ink Monstr Studio.

Customers coming from the east:

  • Navigate west on either 13th avenue or 8th avenue
  • If coming from 13th, simply take 13th avenue west until you reach Bryant St. Make a left on Bryant and a right shortly thereafter on Holden Pl.
  • If coming from 8th avenue, navigate west until the Decatur st. intersection. Make a right (heading north) on Decatur St. Once on Decatur you can make a right turn on 11th avenue or 12th avenue. Take either option to Bryant St. Make a left on Bryant St and take Bryant to Holden Pl.

As always, our team is here to help. If you're not sure where to go please give us a call at 303-200-0676, press 1 and we'll guide you!


For more information on the Sun Valley Redevelopment project you can visit to learn more.