Red Bull Propeller Wrap


March 18, 2020

We have some interesting requests come through the shop. From 5 gallon buckets, to snowboards and buildings – we don’t often say no. Red Bull has always been known for pushing the limits and they regularly make us push our own. The latest project brought an old relic to new life and carried the Red Bull branding to new heights. This air plane propeller perfectly represented Red Bull “Giving you wings” and their partner ship with Deep Eddy Vodka to create “The Turbine” beverage. What represents your brand?

We can wrap just about anything with 3M’s cast vinyls and laminates. Thanks to our designer, Ally, and Mo the Production Master, Red Bull’s event had the right finishing touch. Careful measuring and templates for accurate representations of the curve of the propeller aided in making this project a success. Can’t wait to see what Red Bull brings us next!

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