White Label Apparel Process Details

    1. If we are using our Ink Monstr pattern, the price of the sample will be the retail price of the item (not create your own) plus the design time estimated for the layout work involved.  This differs from our online create your own in that there is a proofing process and feedback from the client before proceeding. You can also supply your own interior label as well and not be defaulted to the standard Ink Monstr label.
    2. If we are using your pattern we will need to review the pattern/garment to determine if we can produce it.  If we are able to produce the garment the pricing will be based on material usage and estimated labor time for the garment.
  • You will be provided a proof of the garment layout based on the information provided.  This provides you an opportunity to make any changes before moving forward to production.  If no changes are needed, we will proceed with your approval.

  • Once the sample garment is completed, the client will review the physical piece and make note of any additional changes needed or approve for the next step.  If changes are made, a new sample may be required before proceeding. Each sample will be subject to the same pricing as the first.

  • After approving the sample, a size run of the garment will be made to ensure sizing is as expected and approved.  If you know the volume you would like to place, the size run can be priced as part of the order quantity. If you do not not know the volume you would like to order or do not have an order volume in mind the size run will be priced at retail for each unit.  This can not be converted after the fact should you place an order after the size run has been approved/produced.

  • Once samples and sizing have been approved production of the wholesale order will be proofed and submitted for approval.  Once approved we will invoice for 50% of the total order to begin production and will invoice the remainder prior to shipment/pick up of the garments.

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