Outdoor & Brick Wraps

  • Artist Naomi Haverland worked with us to update the outside of this downtown law firm- creating a landmark and tourist staple since 2015.
  • Making Denver a more beautiful place. We partnered with Paramount Cafe, Breckenridge Brewery and the Downtown Denver Partnership in an effort to clean up this alleyway and look for what the future has to hold.
  • Transform Colorado had us install this mural to draw attention before their shop opened, and it was a resounding success. Creating intrigue with the large exterior window piece made their opening a smash.

Creating large scale artistic murals with brick wraps has become a specialty Ink Monstr is well known for. From creations by our own graphic designers, to working with well known artists from across the country, we’ve been able to hone our craft and offer it to clients for their own installations.

Outlasting the Elements

We have tested, stretched and ripped many vinyls to find which ones are more hardy to the tough Colorado elements to ensure your wrap will last for years to come even for uneven brick wraps. The amount of sunshine in Colorado makes us an anomaly to the rest of the country and has some specific UV protection requirements in order to ensure wraps last. We’ve come up with the perfect laminate and vinyl formula.

Wall murals are fantastic for impact pieces, events, and even redoing your office exterior (like we did). If you can dream it, we can do it.

Make a statement and a promotion all in one. Let us design custom graphics that speak to your brand, and finish it off with details about your upcoming event or special! Once the event has passed, we can remove a patch piece so your brand can continue to live on the surface without being outdated.
Jager Brick Wraps
Not everyone respects art. So we’ve worked with 3M to find a vinyl and laminate that not only stands up to the natural elements, but can also withstand most everything humans can throw at it too. Simple cleaning products help wipe away any graffiti that may come in contact with your piece! The Achilles Heel for this laminate: Sharpies.
Several years ago, 3M helped us with enough materials to wrap the entire front of our building in vinyl. So far its stood up to hail, rain, Colorado snow and sun, and still looks fantastic. Imagine what you could do with wraps this durable.
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