Laminates – More than just protection


March 18, 2020

Did you know wall graphics are comprised of two separate materials? The base layer is the printed or pre-colored vinyl that provides the imagery. The second layer is a protective covering, a laminate, that keeps those graphics looking as new as they day they were installed. These two products combine to expand your brand to whatever your visual expression is and protect it so it lasts and is as vibrant as your brand. We’ll go into the basics of how laminates not only protect, but can also enhance the graphics with textures and depth.

With all the time spent on your new branding, it would be a terrible waste to let it fade or get scratched! Providing a barrier between your graphics and the exterior world, our laminates add longevity to your graphics and protect your larger than life art going on those walls. Our go to laminates have a matte or gloss finish, with UV-protection technology. Choose matte to provide a glare-reduced look or gloss to add some light shine to your graphics.

Laminates can also withstand minor scuffs and scrapes and are easier to clean without worry of affecting graphics.  Placing your art in an area prone to graffiti? Be it accidental or not, ask us about our specially-modified graffiti laminate that wipes clean of nearly every type of mark. On the topic of clean-up, installation can be done within hours (dependent on graphic size) and doesn’t come with the paint fumes or multiple coat applications.

Special Laminates

Want to take your brand’s installation to the next level? Looking for a subtle finish that adds depth to your graphics and enhances glare-reduction on your prints? 3M has released a 5 texture line of laminates that add thickness and texture! Applied in the same way as our main vinyl’s, these are recommended for smooth interior walls and creates intrigue for your piece. Click through the gallery below for finish options and find the look that can take your wall from a monotonous surface to a visual expression of your brand.

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