Creative Spaces and how to think like Google


March 18, 2020

The business world is evolving- as always- however, corporations and small businesses alike are investing more into their employees than ever. An investment into an employee is a time and cost saver for employee training programs, recruiting initiatives and it is a key marketing tool. Rather than having a fast turnover of passionless employees, it’s better to foster those that are already present and make sure they love their job and give them a creative spaces to work in. Employees who can easily talk about their work and a job that they enjoy is one of the best marketing tools for not only new clientele, but other future workers as well. Two of the most revered companies who have mastered this: Pixar and Google. Just hearing those names comes with a sense of wonder for what they are going to do next, a sense of creativity- and wonderment for how they do it. Get a full tour of their office and the ideal millennial work environment here.

Not every company can afford the Silicon Valley approach to worker’s happiness. Large cafeteria’s and volleyball nets? Not always in the budget, especially when a company is just getting started. However there are a few ways that are accessible to companies of any level. The most accessible way (sans volleyball court): change the office environment. It may be hard to teach an old do new tricks, but a change in an environment forces adaptation and can foster new ways of thinking.

An open office environment has proven to not only help stimulate employees, but it encourages collaboration and innovation within offices. Taking it a step further: mix employee groups; let a sales person sit with your designer or marketing team. Gaining new perspectives and letting the company be fully rounded rather than strong spikes allows your company to continue rolling in new directions. This collaborative effort stimulates adaptability within the market place and allows companies to shift focus more easily for changing trends.

How else can an office transform into a creative space? Start with what you already have: the walls. Now that you’ve torn down the division between your employees, provide them something to look at and stimulate them in moments that may lack ingenuity with creative spaces. Taking employees out of a sterile environment and introducing colors stimulates the mind and also elicits subconscious thoughts. An office with unordinary objects and colors that inspire can transform your office’s mindset and let you flourish.

Ink Monstr has mastered changing work environments for the better. From taking cafeterias to more  scenic heights:

To showcasing work accomplished and in the future of Lockheed Martin:


Bringing graphic designs into your office’s creative spaces can stimulate thought, encourage employees to think creatively, and even show case work by the company. For more examples of Ink Monstr provided office inspiration, click here.