Why use a mural for marketing?

Wall murals have been used in advertising and marketing for decades. Around most cities you can still see historical buildings with the remnants of old construction or Coca-Cola billboards. It may seem like an archaic type of advertising that should be going the way of MySpace, but they’re so effective! Rather than replace them with a new media, companies have invested in upping the technology so murals can last longer and install more efficiently. Today murals can be installed in hours, rather than days of hand painting a design and high quality vinyl’s allow them to withstand elements for years.

Throwback to a hand painted Coke mural that has mostly withstood the test of time. Photo cred: Mark Keefer

Not sure they’re the right type of marketing for you and your brand? Consider this: audiences are becoming immune to most advertising, especially the “in your face” advertising that has taken over social media and most digital marketing plans. Have you attempted to watch a video on Facebook that has been deemed the MOST hilarious cat video ever, but when you’re halfway through a notification pops up that the video will continue after a fifteen-second ad? Do you find yourself annoyed with the company that purchased the ad for disturbing your leisure time? Or a pop up that interrupts the article you were reading have you cringing?  Your consumers feel the same way. Audiences want to feel as though they have discovered something rather than forced a brand into their lives. Market your brand as a lifestyle instead of an annoyance.

Let them discover your brand where it counts.

If you obtain permission, any flat wall can become a billboard. Rather than installing an ad near an off ramp on a predesignated space where someone has a five-second window to notice it, read it and make their exit- install where it counts. Vinyl can be adhered to most surfaces, including brick. Add your art to the surface nearest point-of-purchase of your product and provide a striking reminder that your brand is the right choice- no specials needed.

Positioned next to the bar where consumers make their final choice before purchase, this regal stag reminds customers that Jaegermeister is a night out staple.

Here at Ink Monstr we use the highest quality 3M vinyl in our installs. These vinyls come with many types of laminates to ensure they not only withstand the elements, but also what people throw at them. Our favorite laminate is the “Graffiti” laminate because it works to protect against just that- someone defacing your brand. Nearly everything that comes in contact with this laminate (Sharpie Markers are the exception) can be wiped off with basic cleaners or rubbing alcohol so your design can look sharp for months.

Catching passerbys’ eyes, our mermaid with attitude brings attention to Wahoo’s and is a subtle reminder of the hunger lingering in their bellies.

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Creative Spaces and how to think like Google

The business world is evolving- as always- however, corporations and small businesses alike are investing more into their employees than ever. An investment into an employee is a time and cost saver for employee training programs, recruiting initiatives and it is a key marketing tool. Rather than having a fast turnover of passionless employees, it’s better to foster those that are already present and make sure they love their job and give them a creative spaces to work in. Employees who can easily talk about their work and a job that they enjoy is one of the best marketing tools for not only new clientele, but other future workers as well. Two of the most revered companies who have mastered this: Pixar and Google. Just hearing those names comes with a sense of wonder for what they are going to do next, a sense of creativity- and wonderment for how they do it. Get a full tour of their office and the ideal millennial work environment here.

Not every company can afford the Silicon Valley approach to worker’s happiness. Large cafeteria’s and volleyball nets? Not always in the budget, especially when a company is just getting started. However there are a few ways that are accessible to companies of any level. The most accessible way (sans volleyball court): change the office environment. It may be hard to teach an old do new tricks, but a change in an environment forces adaptation and can foster new ways of thinking.

An open office environment has proven to not only help stimulate employees, but it encourages collaboration and innovation within offices. Taking it a step further: mix employee groups; let a sales person sit with your designer or marketing team. Gaining new perspectives and letting the company be fully rounded rather than strong spikes allows your company to continue rolling in new directions. This collaborative effort stimulates adaptability within the market place and allows companies to shift focus more easily for changing trends.

How else can an office transform into a creative space? Start with what you already have: the walls. Now that you’ve torn down the division between your employees, provide them something to look at and stimulate them in moments that may lack ingenuity with creative spaces. Taking employees out of a sterile environment and introducing colors stimulates the mind and also elicits subconscious thoughts. An office with unordinary objects and colors that inspire can transform your office’s mindset and let you flourish.

Ink Monstr has mastered changing work environments for the better. From taking cafeterias to more  scenic heights:

To showcasing work accomplished and in the future of Lockheed Martin:


Bringing graphic designs into your office’s creative spaces can stimulate thought, encourage employees to think creatively, and even show case work by the company. For more examples of Ink Monstr provided office inspiration, click here.

The Importance of Color Choice

Countless hours were spent establishing who your brand is in the market place- from what your specialty is to how you put it out there for the world to see. As it turns out, the importance of color choice is also a factor for your work environment. From stark whites to bright designs, everything elicits a subconscious response from employees and clientele alike.

Colors can pack a punch.

Does your office tend to constantly be under stress? Do you need to be seen as more powerful in the marketplace? This color break down and the psychology may help you decide how to fix the creative flow in your space with the right color choices.

Red: The farthest end of the warmth spectrum, red can evoke many emotions. While it can be perceived as powerful and aggressive, it can also arouse anger. This color may be best used for logos, but kept out of the office place other than as an accent color.

Orange: On the warm side of the spectrum, orange invokes enthusiasm and excitement. It is a mix of red and yellow, the colors of passion and joy! With the energizing effects of this color, on-lookers can expect heightened awareness and elevated brain activity. This attention grabbing color is best suited for high action businesses like sports and fitness centers.

Yellow: A warmth spectrum color of hope, yellow invokes happiness and enlightenment. Often seen as the happiest of colors, if used in the proper amounts it can elicit prosperity and energy from otherwise bland workforces. As with any warmth spectrum color, be careful to use the proper yellow in relation to any other colors in the room as it could begin to irrationality and anxiety.

Green: Found on the cool spectrum, green is calming and highly recommended for interior design situations. Bringing nature in, this color allows employees to be transported to a calmer natural world. This color creates the least amount of eyestrain on the spectrum and can lower stress levels in a busy environment. Also associated with money, green can be prosperous and hopeful.

Blue: This medium for the cool spectrum is associated with water and found to be the most centering of all colors. It creates a sense of calm in the office place and is a hope inducing color for employees and clients alike. As a favorite color for a large portion of the population, it is seen as stable, reliable and sincere.

Purple: Considered rare and intriguing, this darker end of the cool spectrum rarely occurs in nature so it evokes curiosity and a sense of royalty. With it’s perceived elevation in status, purple is often associated with wealth and a certain amount of wisdom that dates back to to the Egyptians.

Black: Also seen as a power color, black is typically used to depict villains or power players. One of the more difficult colors to use for interior design, it has polarizing effects between the person who uses, with the feeling of confidence, and the person who views, often seeing it as a color to intimidate or over power.

White: The most dividing of colors, white can either be seen as pure and clean or stark and cold. Depending on a person’s background, this color can evoke either positive or negative feelings; in the proper quantities it can add the appearance of space in a room or compliment other colors. In the western world, it is often seen as a blank space with open potential.

Most analysis of color has come from psychology rather than empirical science, but for more reading on colors in practical science check out this study on the color of placebo’sreaction speeds around red light and how black uniforms have negatively impacted sports teams.

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Why Polyester?

Hey folks, let’s get nerdy. We at Ink Monstr Graphic Design and Print have some really specific reasons why we’ve chosen to work with polyester materials for our clothing over everything else- other than being able to create vivid designs without up-charging for every color. Let’s delve into the reasons and the science behind them.

Environmentally friendly: 

There isn’t water waste. Sublimation is a scientific process in which the dyes are digitally printed as a solid onto transfer paper, and then has heat applied to it. This heating process turns the dye into a gas and when it hits the material it is intended to be printed on,  absorbs and immediately turns back into a solid within the garment. It never turns into a liquid state and also does not require water or a washing process to create the apparel. Additionally, the transfer paper which the dyes are printed to can be recycled.

Moisture-wicking & Flame retardent: 

Due to being made by plastic, polyester is not as porous as cotton, which means it is not going to absorb as much moisture. Cotton can absorb up to 7% of its weight in water while polyester is only .4%. This is ideal for lifestyle shirts as it allows for high activity without the uncomfortableness if sitting/running/hiking in your own sweat, rain or other outdoor elements.

Tight-knit polyester is considered ignition resistant. Plastics (which polyester is made from for any of our readers who didn’t retain the first section’s material) have a higher combustion point than natural fibers and require more heat and exposure before they will catch fire. Polyester is not going to save you from large fires as it is not a fire resistant product, however, it is less likely to catch than a cotton shirt the next time you’re sitting too close to the campfire.

It’s All About that Feeling: 

Dye sublimation is always compared to screen printing- they are both great ways to get customized gear for your next event or fashion line. However, we chose dye sublimation for aesthetic and comfort purposes:

  • Polyester can be treated for a softer weight and can also be blended with natural fibers to create different weights and feels or textures to meet what you like to feel during activities. Polyester fibers are also more resilient than natural, allowing them to stretch and maintain their shape better.
  • Dye sublimation prints into the material, rather than onto the material. When your graphics are printed this way, you don’t feel the graphics on your shirt- it’s just more shirt!
  • In addition to not feeling the graphics on a shirt, there also isn’t the worry of graphics peeling or cracking after hitting the wash a few times.

Ready to give polyester a try? Check out our apparel store, get inspired and even create your own gear here. Haven’t learned enough? Find out how we keep our polyester made in the U.S.A and about our processes.

Turn your walls into work spaces!

How often do you find your self looking for a pad of paper to try and draw what you need to explain to someone? What if you could run to the nearest flat surface instead? Let’s turn those flat surfaces into dry erase!

Make your walls do the work for you by letting us apply a dry erase laminate! Whether it’s an organization board, concept drawing wall or a fantastic To-Do list, it’s a simple way to add workspace. Any flat space can become your production zone. Installed in a couple hours, your walls can be used the same day as installation – no need to wait for paint to dry or installing hardware. Let our professionals install while you continue building your empire.

The best part? Every dry erase wall can be personalized to your brand’s logo, motto, graphics, menu board and more. Below is a small sampling of our best application recommendations – send us your ideas! We love to see our client’s creativity and challenging us to find new applications to our products.

Recommended graphics are light in color so writing is not lost within the imagery. Truly, this is no longer required to be a “white” board! Grey-scale graphics and desaturated imagery can carry your branding across every surface in your workspace!

Have an idea in mind? Contact us here to get started!

Laminates – More than just protection

Did you know wall graphics are comprised of two separate materials? The base layer is the printed or pre-colored vinyl that provides the imagery. The second layer is a protective covering, a laminate, that keeps those graphics looking as new as they day they were installed. These two products combine to expand your brand to whatever your visual expression is and protect it so it lasts and is as vibrant as your brand. We’ll go into the basics of how laminates not only protect, but can also enhance the graphics with textures and depth.

With all the time spent on your new branding, it would be a terrible waste to let it fade or get scratched! Providing a barrier between your graphics and the exterior world, our laminates add longevity to your graphics and protect your larger than life art going on those walls. Our go to laminates have a matte or gloss finish, with UV-protection technology. Choose matte to provide a glare-reduced look or gloss to add some light shine to your graphics.

Laminates can also withstand minor scuffs and scrapes and are easier to clean without worry of affecting graphics.  Placing your art in an area prone to graffiti? Be it accidental or not, ask us about our specially-modified graffiti laminate that wipes clean of nearly every type of mark. On the topic of clean-up, installation can be done within hours (dependent on graphic size) and doesn’t come with the paint fumes or multiple coat applications.

Special Laminates

Want to take your brand’s installation to the next level? Looking for a subtle finish that adds depth to your graphics and enhances glare-reduction on your prints? 3M has released a 5 texture line of laminates that add thickness and texture! Applied in the same way as our main vinyl’s, these are recommended for smooth interior walls and creates intrigue for your piece. Click through the gallery below for finish options and find the look that can take your wall from a monotonous surface to a visual expression of your brand.

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CMYK vs. RGB Color Profiles

We love seeing our client’s creativity. What we love even more is bringing that creativity to life in a large format installation for all to see! However, it isn’t just a matter of resizing a file to fit the space we’re applying it to, there are some specifications that can make or break the project if not met. We’ll cover the two main aspects that make a successful large format file and how these specifications create them in this two-part series. First step is to make sure graphics are represented as accurately as possible. Let’s compare the CMYK vs. RGB color profiles to understand why printing uses CMYK.

CMYK vs. RGB Color Creation

RGB is a projection of subtractive light. Similar to when you shine light through a prism it starts as white, but once light passes through the prism and shines out the other side, you typically see a rainbow effect of the light separating into its multiple colors. Your computer screen is a backlit RGB profile as it is light being projected through your monitor. Colors are mixed together by subtracting various shades of light.

CMYK is based on the days of press printing. Printing presses would have 4 plates: one cyan, one magenta, one yellow and one key plate that had the important information of the pressing. This is considered additive color; by adding more colors together or laid on top of each other to create a desired shade.

“Why don’t the colors match my computer screen?”

When you are setting up a file, switch from RGB to CMYK. D0 the colors seem less vibrant in CMYK than RGB? The CMYK profile attempts to account for the light not passing through the medium and shows less brightly, but will never be a perfect comparison between your screen and the medium you print on. Your first step prior to any editing should be to switch the color profile. This will assist in any color corrections with a more accurate representation from the start.

Now that your colors are set, you’re ready to set up for file size! Check out Part Two of this series (coming soon) and feel free to ask us any questions about an upcoming project by clicking here.

Red Bull Propeller Wrap

We have some interesting requests come through the shop. From 5 gallon buckets, to snowboards and buildings – we don’t often say no. Red Bull has always been known for pushing the limits and they regularly make us push our own. The latest project brought an old relic to new life and carried the Red Bull branding to new heights. This air plane propeller perfectly represented Red Bull “Giving you wings” and their partner ship with Deep Eddy Vodka to create “The Turbine” beverage. What represents your brand?

We can wrap just about anything with 3M’s cast vinyls and laminates. Thanks to our designer, Ally, and Mo the Production Master, Red Bull’s event had the right finishing touch. Careful measuring and templates for accurate representations of the curve of the propeller aided in making this project a success. Can’t wait to see what Red Bull brings us next!

Have your own challenge for us? Submit it here!

4 Ways to Increase Business and Workplace Productivity

In the hustle and bustle of a busy city, where new stores and shops are constantly popping up, and construction often reroutes the commuter population down different roads each week, it’s often easy for a business to become invisible. With every customer who can’t find your location, you risk the loss of revenue and worse, positive buyer experiences.

Get the upper hand and gain an edge over your competitors by expanding your existing signage and upgrading with these products:

1.  Attract New Customers

Window wraps are an excellent way to drive traffic to your storefront while maximizing your space. These glass friendly wraps are available as stand alone decals, a solid wrap or a one-way perforated film to let the natural light shine through the graphics, while still creating a sense of privacy for those inside.

St. Paul Collection in Cherry Creek
2. Display Temporary Signage

Brown paper windows don’t create a buzz. With every passing day of renovations, you lose the potential of converting new customers, especially if your shop is in a high traffic location. Spark the curiosity and excitement of your future customers by covering your construction with temporary custom signage.

Burton store on Pearl Street in Boulder, CO

When you’re ready to bring your space to the next level, these products are perfect for enhancing your interior to reflect your company’s values and vision.

3. Be Seen AND Heard

Create a dynamic workspace while making a lasting impression on your potential clients with company wall graphics. Studies suggest that by creating an inspiring office environment not only do employees have a greater sense of pride and overall job satisfaction, but they ultimately demonstrate  higher levels of productivity and a stronger team morale.

Denver Public Health & Environment in Denver, CO
4. Chill Out with Frosted Glass

With eyes and cameras in every corner of the modern office, privacy has become essential for some businesses with a large staff or shared coworking spaces. Frosted glass wraps help block out unessential colleagues from your development meetings, or creates a safe space for new mothers or private conversations. Your employees with thank you.

Slack offices in Denver, CO

If you’re in Colorado, reach out to us about how you can drive new business and boost workplace productivity by incorporating glass wraps or wall decals. We are always happy to consult on design and placement that will increase your bottom line while maximizing your space.

5 Reasons You Should Consider a Vinyl Wall Wrap

When decorating your home or business, consider using a vinyl wall wrap as an accent to your space. Not only is vinyl durable and safe for your wall, but it is economical, interchangeable and customizable. No longer do you have to scroll through wallpaper patterns or decide you hate the paint color once it dries. With vinyl wraps, you can create a design, print a photo or choose a texture to transform your space.

Versrsatility of Design. Because of a wall wrap’s customizability, you can decorate your interior exactly how you want to. Whether you cover a wall with your brand or a beach scene, a vinyl wrap has the ability to transform an otherwise dull space. Wallpaper can confine your decorating ideas, but wall wraps allow your space to become anything you want. Whether you want to wake up to the Swiss Alps or a Fiji Beach Scene, vinyl wall covering can simulate your view. Vinyl wall wraps aren’t always just decoration either- you can advertise with your brand logo or even cover your wall with whiteboard wrap! The possibilities with vinyl are endless

Interchangeability. Without damaging your wall, vinyl graphics can be applied and removed with ease. With wallpaper, you are stuck with one pattern unless you want to deal with the hassle of stripping your wall. Painting is messy and time-consuming- so why not vinyl? Vinyl doesn’t unevenly
peel away like wallpaper-it is smooth, vibrant and protects your wall.


Durability. Wall wraps are extremely durable and virtually maintenance-free. Wallpaper is fragile while vinyl is flexible and rubbery-a more forgiving and protective way to decorate your walls. Vinyl doesn’t scuff and stain and it doesn’t flake off of the wall. Damage to vinyl is easily reparable as well. If you were to snag it or rip it somehow, it can be patched up and smoothed out. You don’t have to worry about removing an entire wall covering due to one small tear.


Economical. Wall vinyl is less expensive than a mural and has even better quality than paint. Hiring an artist and installing a mural is costly and time consuming-vinyl wall installations are quick! Get high-quality art, photography, patterns, solid colors and textures for your wall.


Mental Benefits- 89% of millennials noted that their work atmosphere affects their mood and mental health. In offices without windows, a wall wrap can substantially increase morale. Restaurants with intriguing wall wraps add to the atmosphere and significantly transform the vibe.


Check out some incredible ways to decorate using wall wraps!