Vinyl Wall Wraps Denver: Should you wrap or paint? 5 Benefits to Printed Vinyl Wall Wraps

Vinyl Wall Wraps: Should you wrap or paint? 5 Benefits to Printed Vinyl Wall Wraps

We’ve all been there before. You’re staring at a giant blank wall in your office or workspace and you know this space can and should be better, but you’re not sure where to start or how. Or maybe you’re an interior designer working with your customer on a new project and they’re looking to brand their interior to help build culture in the office. How do you capitalize on your wall space to turn them into a branded environment that helps build culture?

In most cases it boils down to two options: Do you paint? Or go with a custom printed wall wrap?

We’ve broken down 5 key benefits to vinyl wall wraps to consider for your next project below:

Key Benefit #1: Design is limitless (literally).

When considering a vinyl wall wrap, one of the primary takeaways for us is that the design options at your disposal are unlimited. Unlike paint which will have very fixed limitations (be it the painter, the budget, the artist, paint or more) in terms of what you can do. When opting for a wall wrap, we can print whatever your imagination envisions. Even if you want to have a “painted” look with artistic brush strokes, pastels and the works; all of this can be printed for the final aesthetic to come out exactly as imagined. No matter how complex or simple your design, we can bring your wall wrap to life panel by panel to transform your space from bland to bold.



Key Benefit #2: Maintenance & Life Span

This one might catch you off guard or you may think we’re crazy but hear us out for a second. Have you ever dinged your wall or scratched it? What about drilling some holes only to realize you missed a stud and need to re-drill? All of these will eventually leave you with scuffs, holes, dings and other imperfections in your wall that you need to repair or live with staring at forever. If you’re painting you need the exact color on hand (or go buy way more than you need) and try color matching to account for any sheen difference or color fading. Then you need to mark a day where you can actually get the job done and another day for dry time. Major hassle. With a vinyl wall wrap maintenance is as simple as letting us know what area or areas are damaged and we will reprint and patch and you’re back in business. Don’t get us wrong, your wrap can definitely be dinged, damaged, torn etc. but repairing and replacing is as easy as it gets and far less time consuming than painting.


Key Benefit #3: Less Down Time

We touched on this briefly in point 2 above, but one major leg up that wall wraps have over painting is your downtime for the project. Painting can be a multi-day project whereas most wall wraps (depending on the size of the project) we can have done and looking great in 1 day. With wall wraps there is no priming required, no down time for drying, no wet surfaces you have to avoid accidentally touching and no second coats required. Just one and done and you’ve turned your walls into something that’s as much a part of your culture as your logo. 

Key Benefit #4: Material Options

When it comes to vinyl there are an incredible amount of materials and laminates available to help ensure you get the best looking product that lasts the longest and meets your design specifications. With paint, you get paint. Some of our customers are looking for something that has a textured woven feel like a traditional wallpaper, no problem! We’ve got just the material for this use case. Some want to go with an ultra-matte finish to meet their brand guidelines. No problem. We’ve got just the laminate for that! Some have a crazy textured wall surface and they think vinyl is not even an option. No worries, we’ve got a material for that too. No matter what you’re working with, we’ve got the knowledge, the talent and the tech to ensure we get the right vinyl for your wall wrap, every time.

Key Benefit #5: Changeability

We hope we’re not the only ones out there who’ve done this but here’s the scenario: You get your paint swatch book, you buy some samples and you put about 6-8 different strips of colors on a spot of your wall you hope nobody sees. Then it comes time to choose. Hopefully, you chose wisely. If not, you live it right? We don’t think so. With our custom wall wraps you get a proof (and printed sample if you really want to be sure) all done well before the wrap is installed. By the time the wrap is installed you’ll know every detail of what the finished product will look like! But, what if you run into the same thing and you don’t love it or just want a refresh to match the new brand? No problem. Generally with our wall wraps we can either remove and reinstall a new piece that you’re looking for, or in some cases, we can install right over the existing wrap in place. Since there’s hardly any downtime and unlimited design options, being able to change your mind on the fly is a big advantage vinyl wraps have over paint.

Whether you call them wall wraps, wall stickers or wall decals there’s only one thing you need to keep in mind: Ink Monstr is the number one trusted source for the best wall wraps in Denver. When you partner with Ink Monstr, you’re choosing the best so you know you’re in good hands and we’ll guide you through the process every step of the way.

Still not sure if you want to go with a wall wrap or paint? Give us a call at 303-200-0676 and we’ll be happy to walk you through our entire process so you’re 100% confident in whatever route you choose. If you’re ready to get going though head on over to our Get A Quote page, share some details and we’ll take it from there.