White Label 

Custom Fabric & Apparel

Made In Colorado

Over the last four years we have perfected our apparel items and streamlined our private label processes to ensure every item that comes out of our shop will be perfect. Print, cut and sew – it’s all made here in Denver.

Quality Materials

Custom graphics require premium materials; we’ve tested and printed until we’ve found the very best fabrics to work with our dye sublimation printers. We’ve invested the time to ensure your colors pop- just like you do.

Custom Designs

Be simple, be bold- just be you. Our designs are inspired by the Ink Monstr lifestyle and the creativity of our killer design team. From rave-wear to mountain and athletic gear, Ink Monstr will have you covered.

Create Your Own

Have your own design? Or a special occasion that could use a custom shirt? Use our apparel builder to bring your image to life. Upload, drag, drop, resize and wear. It’s that simple.

For the visual learners, check out the video

Our Story

It all started in a van more than 10 years ago and it’s been a great ride ever since! Learn more about this Colorado based company, our morals, mission and the values that guide us.

Outstanding Service

We’re all local and all pretty rad humans. Work with the Ink Monstr team to ensure your product is exactly what you imagined. Whether its one shirt or hundreds, we’re here to answer your questions.

Welcome to the Ink Monstr Adventure Book of Apparel Creation!

So, you want to create a private label clothing line. You’re ready to bring your designs to life and take them to the streets – awesome! There are a few different ways to move forward depending on what you have ready.  No two projects are alike, therefore there are many variations on how we can begin working together. A comprehensive scope of work needs to be established to bring your line from concept to custom fabric.

Create Your own, Handmade in Colorado


First, you need to decide on your designs. Our talented team of designers is here to bring your ideas to life, or you can use your own original art. There are no color limitations or additional costs for vibrant designs. All digital designs must be in CMYK and 300dpi at the full scale of the largest apparel item.
Our Story, About Ink Monstr


IIf you are not certain about sizing for our patterns, we’re happy to help out with general dimensions based on your items of choice. We do not share our in-house digital patterns for clients to layout artwork; creating our patterns was a huge investment and more than a year in the making.
Outstanding Service, Meet the Team


Allow us to bring your creations to life. Our in-house team can sew each item to ensure the perfect fit for your customers. We take pride in our talents, and work hard to make sure colors, design and fit are exactly as you envisioned them.

Review the tracks below and decided which is best for your project. Once you’ve chosen your track and have your files ready, contact us here.

If you already know what you need, check out our garment options to see if we can put you on the fast track for private label clothing creation.

Option A - The Fast Track: I like Ink Monstr's patterns and want to use them to create my clothing.

  •  Great! We begin by laying out your designs and setting your apparel up for print. You will collaborate with our designers to ensure perfection for your pieces.

    Don’t forget, your file types must be: 

    • CMYK Color profile
    • 300dpi at full scale 
  • We always suggest making a prototype before going to full production. This is your chance to ensure the project fits your expectations. We test the fit of the garment, the accuracy of the colors and the placement of the graphics. 

  • Go to full production! Your files print exactly where you want them on the patterns and its time to create your first run!

  • All the leg work is already done, so when it comes time for a reorder you say when and how many!

    Congratulations, you are now the proud creator of your own apparel and we can’t wait to collaborate with you on your next garment. 

Option B - The Shorter Track: I have my own patterns established.

  • For us to be able to print your designs, they need to be in a digital vector or TIF format. You can provide us the patterns with your designs already laid out on them, or we can work with you to place your design on your pattern pieces. This involves making sure your pattern types are compatible with our software and that your designs are compatible with our printing process. Your design file types must be: 

    • CMYK Color Format
    • 300DPI at full scale
  • We always suggest making a prototype before going to full production.This is your chance to ensure the project fits your expectations. We test the fit of the garment, the accuracy of the colors and the placement of the graphics. 

  • Your prototype was perfect, so let’s get your gear out to the masses! 

  • All the leg work for your garment is already done and you’re selling through your first batch. When you are ready to reorder, let us know when and how many  so we can restock! 

White Label Apparel Process Details

    1. If we are using our Ink Monstr pattern, the price of the sample will be the retail price of the item (not create your own) plus the design time estimated for the layout work involved.  This differs from our online create your own in that there is a proofing process and feedback from the client before proceeding. You can also supply your own interior label as well and not be defaulted to the standard Ink Monstr label.
    2. If we are using your pattern we will need to review the pattern/garment to determine if we can produce it.  If we are able to produce the garment the pricing will be based on material usage and estimated labor time for the garment.
  • You will be provided a proof of the garment layout based on the information provided.  This provides you an opportunity to make any changes before moving forward to production.  If no changes are needed, we will proceed with your approval.

  • Once the sample garment is completed, the client will review the physical piece and make note of any additional changes needed or approve for the next step.  If changes are made, a new sample may be required before proceeding. Each sample will be subject to the same pricing as the first.

  • After approving the sample, a size run of the garment will be made to ensure sizing is as expected and approved.  If you know the volume you would like to place, the size run can be priced as part of the order quantity. If you do not not know the volume you would like to order or do not have an order volume in mind the size run will be priced at retail for each unit.  This can not be converted after the fact should you place an order after the size run has been approved/produced.

  • Once samples and sizing have been approved production of the wholesale order will be proofed and submitted for approval.  Once approved we will invoice for 50% of the total order to begin production and will invoice the remainder prior to shipment/pick up of the garments.

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