4 Ways to Increase Business and Workplace Productivity


March 18, 2020

In the hustle and bustle of a busy city, where new stores and shops are constantly popping up, and construction often reroutes the commuter population down different roads each week, it’s often easy for a business to become invisible. With every customer who can’t find your location, you risk the loss of revenue and worse, positive buyer experiences.

Get the upper hand and gain an edge over your competitors by expanding your existing signage and upgrading with these products:

1.  Attract New Customers

Window wraps are an excellent way to drive traffic to your storefront while maximizing your space. These glass friendly wraps are available as stand alone decals, a solid wrap or a one-way perforated film to let the natural light shine through the graphics, while still creating a sense of privacy for those inside.

St. Paul Collection in Cherry Creek
2. Display Temporary Signage

Brown paper windows don’t create a buzz. With every passing day of renovations, you lose the potential of converting new customers, especially if your shop is in a high traffic location. Spark the curiosity and excitement of your future customers by covering your construction with temporary custom signage.

Burton store on Pearl Street in Boulder, CO

When you’re ready to bring your space to the next level, these products are perfect for enhancing your interior to reflect your company’s values and vision.

3. Be Seen AND Heard

Create a dynamic workspace while making a lasting impression on your potential clients with company wall graphics. Studies suggest that by creating an inspiring office environment not only do employees have a greater sense of pride and overall job satisfaction, but they ultimately demonstrate  higher levels of productivity and a stronger team morale.

Denver Public Health & Environment in Denver, CO
4. Chill Out with Frosted Glass

With eyes and cameras in every corner of the modern office, privacy has become essential for some businesses with a large staff or shared coworking spaces. Frosted glass wraps help block out unessential colleagues from your development meetings, or creates a safe space for new mothers or private conversations. Your employees with thank you.

Slack offices in Denver, CO

If you’re in Colorado, reach out to us about how you can drive new business and boost workplace productivity by incorporating glass wraps or wall decals. We are always happy to consult on design and placement that will increase your bottom line while maximizing your space.