Turn any surface into a billboard for your brand



While a large wall, window or floor install seems complicated it’s really not. You’ve already gotten your design from one of our talented designers, had it printed in house and now you’re ready for our installers to take the reigns and bring your vision to life. Here’s how we’ll do it. 

DesignerCreating Your Art

We’ll start with a site survey to get all the measurements and details about the space. From their you’ll work with one of our designers to either create a custom design for your wrap or to just to mock up your art. This will give you an idea of what the final product will look like.  Once a proof is created we’ll send it your way for approval. It may take a couple rounds until everything is just right but once you fall in love with your design it’s time to get to work!



An install can last as short as a couple of hours to as long as a couple of days depending on the scope of your project. Our installs will come with all the vinyl and ladders and get to work laying down your art for the world to see. You’ll want to make sure that all paint is at least 2 weeks old. Fresh paint doesn’t adhere to the vinyl and will start to peal. If you are getting a wrap done on brick, the brick will need to be power washed a few days in advanced to make sure that nothing will show through your piece and that the wall is dry in time for the install.



 After the install the care for your wraps is minimal. Any marks that might happen cam be wiped off unless they are made with permanent marker. All our wraps are laminated which allows for the easy clean up. We do offer an anti-graffiti laminate, which makes clean up even easier and protects your outdoor wraps. When cleaning your perforated vinyl please be gentle. Since it already has holes in the material it’s easy to damage, and there’s no laminate to add extra protection. Lightly wipe any marks on the perforated material and you should keep your warp intact. 


Wall, Window and Floor Wraps