Fabric Roll Printing Services

Sourced in California and printed in Colorado. For an American made product, turn to Ink Monstr. Assistance with design, layout and dye sublimated printing are all in our repertoire. Turn your art into wearable apparel! With our dye sublimation processes, photo quality images and full color spectrums are possible in full roll to roll prints or as apparel pieces. 

Dye sublimation: a process that provides better quality than screen printing as the ink is heated and pressed into polyester, rather than onto a material. Have you found your t-shirts with screen prints typically crack, peel and fade after a few washes? It is due to the ink being pressed onto a shirt and not fully bonding into the material. With dye sublimation, inks go from a solid-printed state on transfer paper, are heated to high temperatures to become a gas to allow transfer and are then turned into a liquid when it is heat pressed into a polyester material. It sublimates and is bonded into the actual fabric of your apparel- it may bend, fold and be washed without the concern of wearing out. 

Dye sublimation does require specific types of fabric, curious about your choices? For our tried and trusted fabrics click here. We’ve spent hours and yards testing for durability and printing on these for quality. These aren’t the only options, just our favorites! 

Locally Made

Locally made means you can test it and see it before committing to your full order- in fact, we recommend it. Come down to the shop and see exactly what you will receive before committing to a large order. Click the image to view our favorite fabrics.

Custom Apparel

Our in house fitting master can help to create the pattern to launch your apparel brand. Adjust to your demographic’s body types and tailor to your expectations before taking your brand to the streets.

Klieverik GTC SP Flowline

To make sure you receive the best possible quality prints, we’ve bought the best printer on the market: the Klieverik GTC SP Flowline. We start by printing your images on a Mutoh Dye transfer, then send it through our Flowline. This digital transfer provides sharp edge definition allowing for those photo clarity prints you desire without any bleed. We’re able to create your fabrics right the first time and with high processing speeds due to the constant temperature oil drum which keeps your colors consistent from start to finish with even heating during the entire process. Have the desire to get technical? Check out more specs on the Klieverik by clicking the image.
  • Stan Lee Comic Con Tee

    Stan Lee Comic Con Tee

  • Jetsetter Hoodie

    Jetsetter Hoodie

  • Molly McCormick Custom Hoodie

    Molly McCormick Custom Hoodie

Dye Sublimation FAQ

  • Sublimation is the process of a substance changing through the solid state of matter into the gas state of matter, without first becoming liquid. This benefits you, and your design, because their isn’t the possibility of your design running. Also, ink is able to settle into fabric much faster than the screen printing process which requires a liquid to dry. 

  • Since dyes are being put into the fabric, rather than onto the fabric, it does require the dye to work against any dye that may already be in the garment. It is best to begin with a material that is completely white and freshly introduce the colors into the material. 

    White ink does not exist for dye sublimation. 

    Textures and fabric patterns can also be dyed into the fabric, just check out our heather shirt we created from scratch! Giving a shirt that blended appearance is easily knocked out. 

  • We can send samples! There is a small cost associated as we try to provide the best example and material for your project. Preferably,  we are more than happy to have clients schedule a time to come to our office to be shown the different material options first hand and take a few samples home with them. We specialize in educating our clients on our materials so it isn’t just the look they desire, but it will also last in the situation it will be living in. 

    We prefer you come to us for your next project, not because the last project didn’t stand the reasonable test of time. Providing a consultation on your project will help us accomplish getting you the right look and the best wear for the tear material. 

  • No! With digital printing you can choose every color or two colors, the price is the same and the world is your oyster. The only limitation is that their currently is not a white dye for dye sublimation, creating a challenge for printing on dark materials. 

    It is best to start with a lighter material (white is ideal) and add the dark colors to the lighter shirt. 

  • Once we have approval on your product, we will get it into production as soon as possible. A typical turnaround can be 7-10 business days as we work you in with our current projects. Rushes can be accommodated with fees. 

  • Yes, but we ask that you let us do a test print first. The blend of the materials and how high the polyester ratio affect the brightness of colors. Meanwhile, the way the material was treated before it comes to us or you may affect how the dyes set into it. We strive to send you the best possible quality product and ensure you walk away with exactly what you expected. 

  • We currently do not. We chose dye sublimation as there has been a hole in the market for companies to be able to produce high quality garments with American made products with dye sublimation processes. We strive to make this processing accessible to start ups and corporations alike to encourage high quality and durable products without settling for less than a company envisioned. 

Need some idea starters? Check out our apparel line to get your gears turning!