Our dye sublimation process allows you to choose any design to print with as many colors as you need. Whether you work with our designers for ideation or bring in your own designs we’ll help you create the apparel you’ve been dreaming of. It can be fabric rolls, patterned pieces, or take it a step further and let us complete your garment for you with our in-house sewers. Choose from any of our poly-blend fabrics or provide your own and we’ll help you create the foundation for an amazing project. Need ideas to get started? Check out the Ink Monstr Apparel Store to get your creative juices flowing.


Creating Your Art

Interior Design Wall Wrap - Denver, ColoradoYou choose the design. Sit down with a designer and get your pattern just right or send us the high-quality file of your artwork. There is no limit to what you can create; choose as many colors you want in any shade. Once your design is perfected we’ll set it up to print and be one step closer to having custom made fabric. 

The Fabric

Dye sublimation is a process that combines heat, pressure and time to process the inks into your fabric (rather than onto fabric like screen printing) so it won’t fade, peal or disappear. For the best results, you’ll need a light colored, poly-blend fabric so that the bond between the ink and fabric can occur. White dye does not exist, if your design requires white then be sure to begin with a white fabric. The more poly that is in your fabric the more vibrant your colors will be. You can choose from one of our many poly-blend combinations or provide your own poly-blend fabric. To check our listing of preferred fabrics, click here


Once we have your design and your fabric choice the big finale occurs: we go to print. We’ll send your fabric and a printed design through our large dye-sub machine where the magic happens and creates the fabric you never thought could be real! We’ll wrap it all up and have you come pick it up or ship it to wherever you are. You now have your own custom fabric to create whatever your imagination desires!

How to Create Your Own

You’ve chosen your design, now apply it to the fabric…


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